Cramond Visit 2


On our second visit to the island, we took a different route. We walked through the now dense foliage, tall ferns and purple wildflowers lining the route. We found a glade where the trees cocooned the path and Tim recorded the bird song amongst the trees.

On this visit, we sat at the furthest end of the island and looked out to sea for a long time. We looked at an island from this island. The island looks empty apart from the birds and has the same kind of military buildings built on top of the rocks as Cramond has.

We walked through the concrete village covered in graffiti. Although the sea views are beautiful on a sunny day, it is a lonely place and the disused military buildings are dark and cold, blackened inside by the fires of evening visitors and littered with shards of green glass bottles.

On this second visit we visited around lunchtime, we were there for a few hours and we found the island changed with the seasons, a greener, denser, island that was noisier with the buzzing of insects and the call and response of birds than before. We made some maps of the island, of interesting places we would like to return to and experiment with making sound and text there.


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